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The easy solution : continuity

As you  had  enough  time  to appreciate the
experience and professionalism of our teams
during the construction works, you  may  entrust 
us  with  the maintenance of the golf course,
park or garden.

You even have the opportunity to leave us the entire management of the golf course.

Do not hesitate to contact us !

QUALIFIED TEAM, who already knows the site and
 - master the usage of landscaping and greenkeeping tools
   and equipments,
 - master the rules and techniques of tree care and plant
 - know the safety rules and precautions of tools and
   products to be used,
 - know the vegetation cycles, the characteristics of 
   ornamental plants and different types of grass,
 - can handle all the planting, seeding works, pest control
   treatment, considering the climate and seasonal factors,
 - can maintain the tools and equipments.

powerful, adapted to your needs, with no worry : 
all your machines will be under our responsibility during 
the lifetime of your maintenance contract.

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Maintenance of Riu Tikida Palace landscaping areas

Maintenance of the garden and swimming-pool of Villas du Golf du Soleil Residence 

Maintenance of Tikida Golf Palace Hotel landscaping areas

Maintenance of  Tikida Dunas landscaping areas - RIU

Maintenance of the Soleil International Golf Course (36 holes) - SOTA

Maintenance of Les Dunes International Golf Course (27 holes) - CLUB MED

Maintenance of the garden of Private Villa - OGER INTERNATIONAL


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