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Beside golf construction or retrofit
we are a full-service landscaping company  capable  of  providing 
a complete spectrum of services to
meet all your needs, working closely
with landscape architects.


Satisfied by our performance, the clients usually entrust us for the maintenance after completion of the construction works


Selective clearing

Hard landscaping works

Excavation & waterproofing of water features

Drainage and irrigation

Installation of flood lighting

Soil preparation, slopes treatment

Structure and decorative concrete : walkways, pavements, fountains, stones walls fencing wall

Planting trees, shrubs, flowers 



Selection and procurement of maintenance equipment

Monitoring the irrigation system (pipes, pumping station, central control system, ...)

Landscaping maintenance programs (tree care, fertilization, pest control, ...),

Maintenance of equipment

Tikida golf palace massif fleuri          Tikida golf palace plantations

Tikida golf palace rivière          Private villa plantations routes d'accès

Dar Bouazza.JPG (92568 octets)          Private villa aménagement de talus

Tikida Dunas abords de piscine          Tikida dunas massif entrée

MAIN COMPLETED PROJECTS                                                                   

Riu Tikida Palace Hotel

Les Villas du Golf du Soleil - Villas & Cottages Promotion

Dyar Shemsi - Groupe Immobilier Diar Shemsi

Robinson Tikida Bay Hotel in Agadir

Tikida Golf Palace Hotel  - SOTA


Tikida Dunas Hotel - RIU

Phase IV prince Sultan palace - Private Investor

SDDI real estate program Inezgane (250 lots)

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