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Today, the necessity of saving water is as strong as our wish for living surrounded by landscape
 developments, hence we cannot conceive nor construct any golf course, park or garden without
 automatic irrigation system, striving for an intelligent water management.


Working with world's leading
of irrigation
products, we select carefully the
products which are most adapted 
to your project, according to your
geographical and topographical
situation, pressure and flow available.

We  do  not  limit  ourselves  to
the study and specification, we can
perform installation, maintenance,
and eventually extension if needed.




Bill of quantities 

Cost estimates



Trenches, pipes installation

Valves, satellites, decoders, sprinklers installation

Pumping station

Central control system

Testing and starting the irrigation system



Maintenance of the pumping station, central control system

Soleil amenée station pompage.JPG (22283 octets)     Mise en place de canalisations

Soleil clarinette distribution.JPG (32794 octets)     Soleil vannes.JPG (37607 octets)

Soleil station pompage.JPG (24820 octets)     Soleil système programmation.JPG (16648 octets)


Replacement of the Soleil International Golf Course Pumping Station - SOTA

Pumping station and irrigation system of Dar Bouazza Golf Course - AL MUTTAHIDOUN S.A.R.L.

Conversion of Vari-Time central control system to Nimbus, Pumping Station Replacement - Les Dunes  - CLUB MED

Pumping station and irrigation system of Royal Marrakech Golf Course extension - LES DOMAINES ROYAUX

Irrigation system of the Soleil International Golf Course extension - SOTA

Irrigation system of the Soleil International Golf Course - SOTA

Irrigation system of Isola 2000 Golf Course - SAPSI

Irrigation system of Djerba Golf Course - SITI

Irrigation system of Les Dunes International Golf Course - CLUB MED


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