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5 km from the centre of Marrakech
on the way to Ouarzazate, by the Atlas
mountain, the Marrakech Royal Golf
Course is the second elder golf course
of Morocco, its exceptional beauty is
enhanced by the profusion of cypress, 
eucalyptus, palm, olive, orange and 
apricot trees.

The 9 holes extension designed by the golf course 
architects Thierry Sprecher and Gery Wattine had 
to be in harmony with the beauty of the existing site 
and save the undeniable charm of the Marrakech Royal 
Golf Course.


Started in December 2006, works had been completed 
in June 2007.




Irrigation and drainage systems

Greens, tees, fairways, bunkers construction

Shaping and grassing

Lake waterproofing

River embankments


Royal Marrakech terrassement.JPG (106131 octets)          Shaping- Royal Marrakech 2.JPG (90585 octets)

Royal Marrakech drainage.JPG (97455 octets)          Shaping- Royal Marrakech.JPG (71850 octets)

Royal Marrakech arrosage.JPG (42333 octets)          Royal Marrakech sable bunker.JPG (77918 octets)

Royal Marrakech bunker.JPG (69939 octets)          Royal Marrakech bunkers.JPG (48801 octets)


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